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A selection of Lauren's published works, both psychologically and socially-minded

Submerged: Tales From the Basin

Publisher: StepSister Press, Chicago (2008)

Submerged: Tales from the Basin is an anthology of literature, memoir, and art created by Lauren Gonzalez and Lorien Jordan to benefit those who survived Hurricane Katrina. The title refers to a fear many of us had as young children, of having our heads submerged under water while our mothers washed our hair. The stories, essays, poems, and art of Submerged are an exploration of each contributor's relationship with her hair, in most cases emotional, often humorous, and consistently generated from youth. An African American writer discusses having her hair ironed straight in the 1960s, with her mother trying hard to keep her from looking like a Black Panther. A Southern writer laments her childhood braid lying in a box in perpetual youth while she, herself, ages. A young woman watches her aging grandmother go bald. A lonely widow rediscovers intimacy from the remote touch of her wax technician. A New Orleans performance group talks about Hurricane Katrina, gender stereotypes, and hair as stage craft. Author Lauren Gonzalez writes an in-depth profile of three woman who survived Katrina and then had to put their lives back together in New Orleans. Artist Lorien Jordan has created a series of drawings in response to these essays, memoirs, and poems. A percentage of the book's proceeds helped support charities based in New Orleans that work with ongoing relief efforts for Hurricane Katrina survivors, including the 7th Ward Neighborhood Center.


Journal of Holistic Psychology, Volume II: Eros, Body,

and Consciousness

Publisher: From a Simple Seed, Berkeley (2013)

The Journal of Holistic Psychology, Volume II: Eros, Body, and Consciousness proves to be a pivotal text in the overall development of the field of psychology, and more specifically, marks the strong emergence of the cutting edge arena represented by developing holistic and integrative sensibilities. Volume II includes articles by many of the leaders at this forefront, which includes but is not limited to the sub-disciplines of somatic, transpersonal, integral, and ecotherapy approaches.


Journal of Holistic Psychology, Volume I:

Emerging Therapies

Publisher: From a Simple Seed, Berkeley (2012)

Have you wondered what psychotherapy and psychology will look like in 20 years?

The answer is already alive in the theories and practice of Holistic Psychology. The Journal of Holistic Psychology: Volume I, Emerging Therapies is the first of a two-volume collection of research and clinically-based papers as well as experiential essays by emerging and established voices in the fields of psychotherapy, psychology, consciousness studies, nutrition, ecotherapy/ecology, mindfulness, spirituality, expressive arts, and other healing modalities that consider the entire person - body, mind, and spirit. The Journal provides a bellwether of holistic studies while spotlighting the work of the burgeoning community's pioneers, those who guide and one day will represent the leading edge in the respective holistic fields.

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