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Adult Individuals


Through engaged and creative one-on-one therapy, we will work together to identify your personal values and goals in a safe, understanding, non-judgmental, and focused space where you can explore how to develop awareness so that you can see and face what you want to change, as well as what you might need to accept to move forward. This work can be the most challenging, and the most rewarding.


Individual therapy for adults ages 18+ is a balance between acceptance and change, tending to the need to learn to tolerate situations you cannot change, while strategizing those you can. Often, fear freezes us, and then we become stuck, and this feeling can lead to beliefs about being unlucky or unworthy of joy and satisfaction in our lives and relationships. We will address the root cause that brings you in to therapy, and open windows to other possibilities, not only for coping, but for thriving in your life.

You don't have to know how to start this process to start it--I am your guide at first, until you feel confident you know the way. Contact me and we can have a conversation about what therapy with me looks like, and how it might look for you. No two therapy experiences are alike, because no two people are alike. That's our starting point as I get to know who you are, what matters to you, what motivates you, what blocks you, and where you ultimately want to go.

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